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After graduating from School of Visual Arts with a degree in Graphic Design concentrated on Corporate Identity, my career took the unconventional path into Direct Marketing.

What evolved is an accountable creative approach -- accountable for ROI and brand building. I worked at smaller ad agencies in Atlanta before joining Rapp Collins in Dallas where I enjoyed a very long tenure ascending to the position of Group Creative Director.

My work for clients like Dell, Hyatt, Steinway, Continental Airlines, and American Express reflects this outlook, and I took this integrated approach in-house managing a portfolio of brands at Rodale Publishing and now Golden Artist Colors.

I have Masters of Science in direct and interactive marketing, and consistently play an integral role in the growth of brands, markets and products. My responsibilities extend well beyond creative into strategy and planning. See my linked in profile here.


Painting and bikes (motor or pedal) aren't outside interests. I am an integrated person, I need them to feed my curiosity and imagination. Whether I am pushing around paint, pixels or pedals, there is an alignment of energy, focus and passion that I strive to make typical of everything that I do.


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