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“Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.”
R. Buckminster Fuller


The highest aspiration for my work as an artist is to blur any line that exists between painting and sculpture. While my work is usually hung on walls and may be categorized as “painting” - I am most interested in structural expressions.

My starting point is a surface built in layers, the painting is its own support. As a surface develops qualities of light or dark, color, transparency or texture, I look for the tension in that surface either mapping out space, or forming the strands of a network. Less compliant surfaces tend to woven, more flexible surfaces, or skins, gravitate toward tensile forms and the work converges with the light carpentry of a frame inspired by tensile architecture or airplane wings.


My process is evolutionary and can take weeks, months, even years. Finished works are archeological records of the processes that created them. I strive to pay homage to architects and artists who’ve influenced me. My work reflects some chaos of my creative process while presenting a hint of mathematical precision and inner dialog. There is a sensuality and technicality to the materials that I try to balance.

As a child I spent hours weaving construction paper and painting. While I enjoy making art now as much as I enjoyed making art when I was a kid, my goal is to be as good as it as I was back then.

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